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Statement by Kathleen Dezio, Spokeswoman, on EWG Report, “Teen Girls’ Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetic Chemicals”

September 24, 2008

Contact:  Lisa Powers, 202/466-0489 or Shannon Campbell, 202/454-0316 

The very highest priority of personal care products companies is the safety and health of consumers of all ages who use our products.  Companies are required by law to substantiate the safety of all products and ingredients before they are marketed, and the safety assessments that are performed take into account that products may be used over the course of a lifetime.  Our companies take their safety responsibility very seriously and often surpass the requirements of the law with additional consumer safety measures.  EWG has chosen to publish data that support its agenda rather than providing a full picture of the body of scientific research on these issues.  There are hundreds of scientific studies that have evaluated the health impact of these ingredients.  Consumers have a right to see this research, which is why we make it publicly available on our Web site,   We stand behind the safety of our products and believe the consensus of opinion in the scientific community supports the conclusion that our products are safe.



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