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CTFA Statement on Chromium and Neodymium

November 1, 2006

Contact:  Lisa Powers, CTFA (202) 331-1770

The health, safety and beauty of consumers are the top priorities of the cosmetic industry.  We work with leading scientists and medical experts to ensure our products, including those containing naturally occurring chromium and neodymium, are safe.  In addition to the cosmetic industry’s commitment to safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that every cosmetic product be substantiated for safety before coming to market.

In scientific safety evaluations conducted by the cosmetic industry, we take into account the possibility that trace elements of different natural substances such as chromium and neodymium, are sometimes unavoidably present.  In the case of products in China such as the SK-II skin care line, the naturally occurring substances that have been talked about are present in extremely low levels that are hundreds or even thousands of times below the recommended safety limits.  Reviews and decisions by authoritative regulatory bodies in Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong also confirm the safety of these products.

Independent science strongly and overwhelmingly indicates that this is not an issue about which any consumer should have safety concerns.  Trace levels of metals such as chromium and neodymium, and others regulated by FDA are acceptable as unavoidable contaminants.